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Call for Participants

The call for participants for YAPC 2001 was issued on January 4, 2001, and is available below. If you are interested in giving a talk at YAPC, please read the CFP and note the directions within.


The schedule is available here:

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  • Lightning Talks

    Have you done a project you want to tell people about? Do you have an idea you want to throw out for discussion? Are you looking for people to help you build something? Do you want to proclaim a manifesto? Have you used a module that you think should be better-known?

    But maybe you don't have enough material for a twenty-minute talk, or maybe you never gave a talk before and you would like to start small.

    Lightning Talks will be sessions with consecutive five-minute talks. You should be prepared to get on the stage immediately, explain your idea, and then leave immediately. If you want to take questions, you do it in the hallway after the session.

    Mark-Jason Dominus, who will be hosting the lightning talks, has more information in them in English and French.

    To propose a lightning talk, please send an abstract of no more than four sentences to mailto:mjd-yapc-lightning+@plover.com by the end of May 31, 2001. If your talk is selected for presentation, you will be notified by June 6.


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