Yet Another Perl Conference 2001
June 13-15, 2001

McGill University
Montréal, Québec
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yapc: Yet Another Perl Conference

Last-Minute Details

Hello, YAPC-goer!

Here is some last-minute information for your trip to YAPC 2001
in Montreal this year.

* Registration opens early: Tuesday 4pm - 8pm in Leacock lobby. 
  Avoid the rush!  Get in early!  However, if you show up and the
  talks are starting, just go in, and register later.

* Announcements on Thursday and Friday will begin at 8:45,
  before everything gets started at 9:00.  Schedule changes, etc.,
  will be announced at these short sessions.

* The revised schedule is on the web site (
  and the abstracts are available at 

  Please take a look to find what you'll be missing in the three
  tracks you can't make it to while you're only in one place :)

* Authors: Bring your laptops or find someone with one when you
  show up!  We have overhead projectors, but we have had some 
  difficulty getting dedicated podium machines.  We hope to have
  that solved by the time you need it, if by volunteer laptop.

* Breakfast starts at 8:00 in the Leacock lobby.  Show up and 
  get your coffee and snacky things in time for the big event.
  Breakfast is served all three days at 8 am.  There is no
  lunch provided, but there are lots of places downtown (just
  past the main entrance).  Many are in the malls -- there
  are four underground food courts in there. 

* Bring wireless gear.  In particular, your 802.11 pcmcia cards
  for your laptops, and if it's convenient for you, bring a base
  station too!

* Bring a spare CAT-5 cable if you want to try to hook your 
  laptop up to the net without a wireless card.

* Finding Leacock Hall:  From the main McGill entrance on Sherbrooke,
  go straight until you dead-end into Arts building and turn left.
  You will run into Leacock if you keep going there.

* Dorms: You need to sign in in Bishop Mountain Hall at the 
  service desk.  They'll take it from there.  Bishop Mountain
  Hall is at the top of University Street, past the Montreal
  Neuro institute, and is a round building along the road to 
  the right.

* Parking: Dorm attendees (and others!) can find inexpensive
  parking right at the dorms. Follow the directions above to
  reach the dorms and stop at the parking booth at the entrance
  to the stadium.

Best wishes on an uneventful trip to the conference, eh.  We look 
forward to seeing you there, eh!

The  Y Eh! P C  Team


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