Yet Another Perl Conference 2003
June 16-18 2003

Florida Atlantic University
Boca Raton, Florida
United States
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yapc: Yet Another Perl Conference

North America 2003

June 16-18
Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida, U.S.A.

YAPC::NA::2003 F.A.Q.

About This FAQ

Monday 20030421

This faq is maintained by freeside. Besides this web page, I don't have anything to do with planning YAPC. Ask me questions, but don't expect me to actually interfere with the running of the event!

Where exactly will the conference be held?

Monday 20030421

Look for "UC" (University Center) on the campus map in grid C2. Mouseover until you see the Live Oak Pavilion.

What are the housing options?

Thursday 20030529

Most people are staying at the DoubleTree.

On campus housing is available in the "Indian River" buildings. These are newly built facilities. On the map, mouseover "DM" to the southeast of "UC".

Previously, several room options were available, but there was no information about how they were different. Due to the uncertainty, very few people registered for the dorms --- something like 20 out of 150 attendees. Now we're just going to go with the Indian River rooms.

Register for a dorm room here.

How do I get to the Doubletree?

Thursday 20030529

They claim it is a short, $5 rail trip to and from the airports. They also have a free shuttle to and from the Campus and other local spots. So you don't need to rent a car.

Here are the schedules for tri-rail (from Miami or Ft. Lauderdale airports to Boca Raton).


Schedules for the reverse direction (or from West Palm beach airport) are here:


The hotel is very close (walkable) from the Boca Raton tri-rail stop.

There's a fare calculator at:

Can I get online from the dorms?

Thursday 20030529

Bring an ethernet cable. You need an FAU account to get access. Biz is getting one for all of us to share. Watch this space for configuration information.

Are the dorm bathrooms shared?

No. Everybody gets their own.

Do the dorms have AC?

This is Florida. Are you kidding?

Do I have to register for the conference separately from the dorms?

Thursday 20030424

Yes. Do that here.

When you register for the conference, you automatically join the yapc mailing list.

Should I stick around for Thursday, Friday, Saturday?

Monday 20030421

Most people return to the real world on Thursday.

Dorms are open until checkout on Friday the 20th. There's lots to do in Boca, but you have to decide how much of it needs to be done in the dog days of June. Personally, I love exploring, so I'm going to rent a car with a good A/C, take a mini vacation, and get to know South Florida. I hear they have butterflies! And alligators!

When should I arrive?

Monday 20030421

Sunday the 15th. The dorms don't officially open earlier than that.

So the dorms won't be open on a Saturday night?

Thursday 20030529

If arriving on Sunday makes your plane tickets more expensive, go ahead with a Saturday ticket. Biz may be able to give you a room key. Write to him for details.

What's up with food?

Monday 20030421

Included in your YAPC fee is a daily breakfast, coffee break, boxed lunch, and second coffee. On Tuesday night we'll have a big group dinner, but the rest of the time, feel free to explore Florida's exciting cuisine.

What about Organized Fun?

Monday 20030421

Matrix Reloaded: Veterans who remember the very first YAPC (held in the previous century in an old steel and mining town in western Pennsylvania) will recall that perl mongers stormed a local movie theater and watched The Matrix. We will revive this tradition at this YAPC by storming a local movie theater to watch the sequel to The Matrix. This is a voluntary event, planned after the Tuesday night YAPC dinner. The generous fat cats from South Florida have run a sponsorship drive so tickets will be available at a heavily discounted price; you will need to arrange your own ride to the Muvico Palace. It may seem frighteningly fancy, but basically we just have a theater to ourselves.

What about parking?

Monday 20030529

People staying in the dorms and have cars will get parking passes. Those people who just park on campus during the day will use parking lot #15. (there will be a map out soon with hilighted areas of interest and distances)

I want to spend money. Are there merchandising tie-ins?

Thursday 20030529

freeside designed a couple of YAPC t-shirts which you can buy at cafepress. Proceeds benefit YAPC.

Where can I learn more?

Monday 20030421

See the original proposal which is a snapshot from a few months ago and may now be out of date.

Who's running the show? Can I help?

Monday 20030421

Boojum was the YAPC Pumpqueen for 2002. By the end of the affair, she was stressed out and not having much fun.

In 2003, {KM} (Kevin Meltzer) is the YAPC Pumpking, and biz (Jeff Bisbee) is helping out. Subscribe to the southflorida mailing list and when things need to be done you'll be in a position to volunteer. Join MagNet #yapc to yak.


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