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The University Inn

The University Inn sits adjacent to the University at Buffalo and provides a very convenient location for attending the conference. The have offered us a conference rate of $69/night for a double room with free internet access provided. They have a complimentary breakfast daily, on-site fitness center, tennis courts, bike rental, and all the usual amenities.

For transportation, they provide a free airport shuttle as well as a shuttle to the campus. If you need the airport shuttle, please let them know when you'll be arriving. If the weather is nice, it's also possible to walk to the building where all of the sessions will be held on campus.

We plan to have the official conference dinner at the University Inn also, so it will be convenient to have a room there.

You can make reservations by calling: (716) 636-7500 or through their web site. They will reserve rooms for us until April 30, 2004.


The dorm rooms will include a pillow, blanket, sheets and 2 towels (locker room style). Check-in time is 3:00 p.m. (or later) on Tuesday, June 15, 2004, at the Lehman office. The office is staffed until midnight for later check-ins and checking out. The office opens at 8:30 a.m. There is also a drop box to drop off a key if the office is not staffed for any reason during the time you wish to check-out.

The dorms will have internet access, but do not have TVs. Also, the dorms are not air-conditioned. Buffalo is usually very nice in June, but we can have periods of hot weather. If it is hot the week of the conference, the dorms are likely to be sticky.

We must have all dorm reservations in 2 weeks before the conference, so we will accept reservations until then. Unlike the hotel, we are handling the dorm fees ourselves, so we need to take payment when you place your reservation.

You can make your reservation and payment at the perl foundation site.

Single Room Double Room
1 night $28.00 1 night $24.00
2 nights $56.00 2 nights $48.00
3 nights $84.00 3 nights $72.00
4 nights $112.00 4 nights $96.00

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