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American Airlines to YAPC

Posted on February 28th, 2006 by Josh

American Airlines has agreed to providing discount fares to YAPC. Using the discount code A2566AN you’ll be able to receive 5% off of American Airlines tickets for travel to and from Chicago between June 24th 2006 and July 5th 2006. The discount applies to most all tickets… details can be found below. Even if the discount doesn’t apply to your ticket, if you do fly with American to get to YAPC, please use the discount code. The Perl Foundation will get credit for every ticket sold under that code.

See you in Chicago!

Fine Print

  • Valid for percentage discount travel from all markets where American Airlines, American Eagle, AmericanConnection Service and all oneworld carriers (collectively “American Airlines”) provide service for US/CAN, Puerto Rico, USVI, Bahamas, Bermuda, Europe, Japan and Mexico point of sale only.
  • The percentage discount can be booked on-line at www.aa.com for AA/AE flights only. Use the authorization number noted above as the aa.com discount code. Certain restrictions apply.
  • Not valid for use in conjunction with any other discounted type fare, i.e. Senior, Child, Mlty./Govt., non-discountable excursion fares.
  • Discounts will apply to discountable fares where American Airlines, American Airlines codeshare, or oneworld alliance partners are involved. AA must be the governing carrier.
  • The use of American Airlines codeshare will require that one segment of the itinerary be on AA metal. This does not apply where travel is wholly on Alaska Airlines within the US.
  • Discounts not valid on Zone fares.
  • Reservations/Bookings created by any agency under the terms of this agreement must have the following statement, including your contract Authorization Number, in the General Facts field of the PNR: AA CONTRACT BOOKING AXXXXXX. Failure to provide this information will result in auto-cancellation of unticketed space.
  • The following inventories are not valid for any discount
    • To/From US50/Canada: Q and O inventories
    • To/From Caribbean: Q, O and S inventories
    • To/From Mexico, Latin, Pacific: Q, O and N inventories
    • To/From Europe, Middle East, Africa: S and N inventories
  • Once ticket is issued, name changes not allowed.
  • The authorization number must appear in the tour code box.
  • Failure to enter the correct authorization number in the tour code box and to show the dollar value of the ticket on all coupons will result in incorrect passenger count and debit memo.
  • Use of the Authorization Number provided by AA Group & Meeting Travel constitutes an understanding of the terms and conditions required to apply group pricing.
  • The dollar value of the ticket must appear on all coupons of every ticket.
  • The following must appear in the endorsement box of all tickets issued against this fare: VALID AA/OAL, NONENDO/NONTRANSFER. Tickets must be plated on American Airlines ticket stock.
  • Electronic ticketing must be issued for all eligible itineraries, otherwise a paper ticket fee will apply.
  • Tickets may be purchased through the official agency, or by calling AA Meeting Services at 1-800-433-1790.
  • Other airline segments must be ticketed separately unless otherwise noted in contract.
  • AADVANTAGE members may accrue mileage on American Airlines for tickets purchased at contracted rates. For the rules of mileage accrual on partner airlines, please check with the AADVANTAGE Department.
  • Electronic and Monetary upgrades to Business or First class are allowed after ticketing. Certificate award upgrades to Business or First are allowed based on AADVANTAGE certificate guidelines.
  • Circle trips, stopovers, open returns, and open jaws are allowed based upon fare rules unless otherwise noted in the contract. Travel Agency prepaids are allowed.
  • For percentage off applicable fares all tariff rules apply.

7 Responses to “American Airlines to YAPC”

  1. David Romano Says:

    This is great, and I’m glad I didn’t book my ticket last week! However, is there a time delay before this will be in effect? I just tried to book my flight with aa.com, but when I put in the discount code I got “The Discount Code entered does not exist. Please re-enter Discount Code and try again, or remove to continue.” I’m departing on June 24th from SAN to ORD, and on July 1st from ORD to SAN. Has anyone else tried to book a flight and was successful?

  2. Karsten Says:

    Good Job guys!

  3. Josh Says:

    David, it looks like an ‘A’ is required at the start of the discount code. I had two different versions and chose the wrong one… correcting the post right now. The code is ‘A2566AN’.

    Thank you for letting us know about this.

  4. David Romano Says:

    Damn, they raised their prices in the meantime. Ah well, at least YAPC is getting money out of it. :-)

  5. Josh Says:

    I think that you can use the code through travel sites like Orbitz, Expedia, and Travelocity. I typically can find better prices on those than on aa.com.

  6. David Romano Says:

    Hmmm, hadn’t thought of that. I took “The percentage discount can be booked on-line at www.aa.com for AA/AE flights only.” to mean that you can only use www.aa.com to book the ticket. But now that I think about it, I can see another (your?) way of reading it: only AA/AE flights at www.aa.com are applicable to the percentage discount. Well, it’s too late for me (since my ticket is non-refundable), but maybe someone else has luck using it at another travel site.

  7. Josh Says:

    Hmm, I think that I was wrong. I just tried to use the code through Expedia and didn’t have any luck… darn.

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