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Registration Is Open!!

Posted on March 27th, 2006 by Josh

Chicago.pm is proud to announce that registration is open for Yet Another Perl Conference North America (YAPC::NA) 2006. The primary conference will occur June 26th through 28th at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, Illinois. The conference will feature speakers from throughout the Perl community, as well as, keynote addresses from luminaries such as Larry Wall, the creator of Perl, and guest speakers from the broader dynamic languages and open source communities. The full three-day conference costs only $100, but early registrants can take advantage of a 15% discount and attend the conference for only $85. With such a low cost, YAPC is one of the most affordable and accessible technical conferences available today.

In addition to the conference, three open courses will be offered on June 29th and 30th. These courses are taught by some of the most notable Perl instructors: brian d foy, Randal Schwartz, and Damian Conway. The courses will all run simultaneously during the two days after the conference. Conference attendance is not required when signing up for classes, but it is encouraged.

Seats for the conference and for the open classes are limited, so be sure to register today and guarantee your spot at YAPC! Also, if you are planning on lodging and/or parking on-campus during the conference, or dining in the university cafeteria, you should include those items when registering.

A few notes in regard to comments:

  • If you are flying to Chicago, consider booking on American Airlines at aa.com using the discount code A2566AN for a 5% discount
  • There aren’t any hotels beside IIT, so your best shot is to get a hotel downtown and take the ‘L’ to campus. At this time, we haven’t been able to negotiate any discounts with local hotels
  • As far as restaurants within walking distance of IIT, there aren’t many. I’ll try to get down there before April 1 and see what is available. In the meantime, if anyone knows, please chime in.
  • If you don’t prepay for a meal card, you can still purchase food at the cafeteria at IIT. The prepay just allows IIT the ability to properly estimate the amount of food. You can also always grab something at the snack bar in the conference center, order a pizza or some other delivery, or go up one stop on the ‘L’ to Chinatown.

4 Responses to “Registration Is Open!!”

  1. Kenneth Graves Says:

    Information that would be useful before signing up for dorms and cafeteria food:
    1) What is the anticipated hotel situation? Will there be a discounted hotel close to IIT?
    2) What’s the restaurant/fast-food situation in walking distance from IIT?
    3) If we don’t prepay for cafeteria food, is there a pay-as-you-go option?

  2. nickdc Says:

    When does early registration end?

  3. Ben Warfield Says:

    The registration page has the dates wrong, I think (I hope!)–if you go to http://www.yapcchicago.org/zencart/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=1, you will see

    “It is necessary to register in order to attend the
    conference on July 26th through 28th at the Illinois
    Institute of Technology in Chicago, IL.”

  4. Josh Says:

    Fixed. Thanks!

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