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Note: YAPC::NA 2006 is over. Editing of this wiki has been disabled to prevent spam.

Welcome to the YAPC Chicago wiki. This is meant to be a place where YAPC attendees can share information relevant to the conference.

The YAPC::NA::2006 main page contains many of the conference announcements, and official information.

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So that people can get in touch afterwards:



IAttendedDamiansCourse (Perl Best Practices)


Thursday. 10AM (ish). At the student center. By the coffee bar and the 7-11

Pittsburgh Perl Workshop

So What's the Deal With the Network Now?

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Social Events

1. Post ideas for events to SocialEventIdeas.

2. If you'd like to organize or lead an event, open a new line on the appropriate day, including your name, and a meeting time/place.

3. If you'd like to join an event, place your wiki name under the event.

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