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The Yet Another Perl Conferences (YAPCs) are grassroots symposia on the Perl programming language promoted by The Perl Foundation, a non-profit corporation dedicated to the advancement of the Perl programming language through open discussion, collaboration, design, and code. We also support other collaborative events such as Perl workshops and hackathons.

If you would like to make a donation to the Perl Foundation, or to a specific initiative such as the Core 5 Maintenance Fund for Perl 5 or one of the many Perl conferences supported by The Perl Foundation, then visit our donation page by simply clicking on the link in this text, or by using the button on the top right of this paragraph.

Upcoming Perl YAPCs

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YAPC::NA 2013

Where: Austin, Texas
Start: 2013-06-3
End: 2013-06-5


The annual North American Perl conference. The conference will begin with two days of [additional cost] workshops. The general conference will run from June 3rd until the 5th.

25 Years of Perl at YAPC::NA::2013. This year we remember and celebrate Perl's 25 years, consider its present, and look forward to its future. Perl is among the longest standing of F/OSS projects and YAPC is its community conference. Join us to learn about Perl and meet other folks who use, build, and enjoy Perl.

YAPC::EU 2013

Where: Kiev, Ukraine
Start: 2013-08-12
End: 2013-08-14


The annual European Perl conference.
YAPC::Europe is the largest annual European conference, and is hosted in different city every year. It is aimed to programmers, companies and free lancers, who use the Perl programming language. The conference provides attendees with a deeper understanding of Perl, its philosophy, and the opportunity to learn the latest features and techniques.

YAPC::Asia 2013

Where: Tokyo, Japan
Start: 2013
End: 2013


The annual Asian Perl conference.
The world's largest YAPC is back! YAPC is a grassroots conference for geeks: it stands for Yet Another Perl Conference and is mainly targeted for Perl users, but have no worry! We have talks for everybody! It's more like a 3-day festival filled with fun and geeky-ness than a all serious conference. We're sure you can have lots of fun with us.

YAPC::Brasil 2013

Where: tbc, Brasil
Start: tbc
End: tbc


Upcoming Perl Workshops

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Israeli Perl Workshop

Where: Shenkar College, Ramat Gan
Start: 25 February
End: 25 February


The Perl Workshop in Israel, 2013 is a one-day workshop held in Shenkar college. The workshop will be held on 25, February 2013. Entrance will be open at 8:30. Talks will start at 9:20 AM. Schedule

The workshop theme is "Perl in Practice". The talks presented at the conference will be about practical uses of Perl, and practical ways to improve your Perl code and development efforts.

German Perl Workshop

Where: beterhaus, Berlin-Kreusberg
Start: 13th March
End: 15th March


The German Perl Workshop is the annual conference of usually German-speaking users and developers of the programming language Perl.

Swiss Perl Workshop

Start: 22nd March
End: 22nd March


The workshop will be a great opportunity to:
* meet Perl hackers from Switzerland and other countries
* learn from and be inspired by talks
* chat and socialise during breaks and attendees dinner

Polish Perl Workshop

Where: Warsaw, Poland
Start: 25th May 2013
End: 26th May 2013


Polish Perl Workshop is a conference dedicated not only to Polish enthusiasts of Perl. It will be held on 25-26 May 2013 in Warsaw, Poland, plus an pre-conference drinkup on Friday, 24th.

The conference will be bilingual: both Polish and English talks will appear.

Among others, we will speak about software design patterns (dependency injection), combining HTTP services with Plack, writing portable Perl libraries with a help of new Ć language and we'll show what's new in Perl 6.

The event is organized by a group We are Perl professionals and hobbyists. Our technical partner is Foxoft company.

Carl Cravens on his first YAPC

This is what I took from YAPC: a real desire to learn Perl at a deeper level. I sat in talks going, "I didn't know that!"

What did my employer get out of YAPC? Well, I'm dedicated to becoming a better Perl programmer, which is a plus for them.