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North America 2004

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

  Room NSC 225 Room NSC 220 Room NSC 201 Room NSC 215
9-9:25 Welcoming Speakers
Conference Welcome
Length: 20min

Allison Randal
Opening Keynote
Length: 60min

9:25-10:30 (Continued)
11-11:40 Steve Hayman
Mac OS X, Unix, and Perl
Length: 40min

11:50-12:30 Andy Lester
Perl wizardry without an editor
Length: 40min
Mark Fowler
Preparing a CPAN distribution
Length: 20min

Mark Fowler
CPAN modules every perl programmer should know
Length: 105min

Daniel Allen
Using the Perl Debugger
Length: 20min

Jim Keenan
Length: 20min

Lunch (On your own)
2-2:40 Tim Maher
Minimal Perl for UNIX People
Length: 180min
(Continued) Sam Skielnik
Use WxPerl to Quickly Create "Professional-Looking" Graphical User Interfaces
Length: 40min

2:50-3:30 (Continued) (Continued) Lawrence Furnival
Length: 20min

Pierre Denis
Lessons Learned from dozens of interviews with Perl developers
Length: 20min

4-4:40 (Continued) Damian Conway
Perl 6
Length: 85min
Andy Lester and Bill Odom
The Open Source programmer's guide to getting a great job
Length: 85min

4:50-5:30 (Continued) (Continued) (Continued)
End of Day
Evening ActivitiesMovie Night: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
At the IMAX Theater

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