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North America 2004

Thursday, June 17, 2004

  Room NSC 225 Room NSC 220 Room NSC 201 Room NSC 215
9-9:40 Chris Winters
Building Applications with OpenInteract2
Length: 180min
Tad McClellan
Learning Perl Objects, References, and Modules (Intermediate Perl)
Length: 360min
Kostas Pentikousis
A framework for TSH network trace analysis
Length: 40min
Geoffrey Young
Why mod_perl 2.0 Sucks, Why mod_perl 2.0 Rocks
Length: 40min

9:50-10:30 (Continued) (Continued) Zachary Zebrowski
Cluster::Run Perl Module
Length: 40min
Perrin Harkins
Building Scalable Websites with Perl
Length: 40min
11-11:40 (Continued) (Continued) Douglas White
Digital Forensics - Using Perl to Harvest Hash Sets
Length: 40min
James A. Duncan
Enterprise Perl
Length: 40min

11:50-12:30 (Continued) (Continued) Andy Adler
Perl and Inline Octave
Length: 40min
Daniel Allen
Perl Style Guides for Large Projects
Length: 40min
Lunch (On your own)
2-2:40 (Continued) (Continued) Abigail
Length: 40min
Ruslan (Ted) Kharitonov
Test Driven Development (TDD) using Perl (Agile development)
Length: 40min

2:50-3:30 (Continued) (Continued) Abigail
Beyond advanced regexes
Length: 40min
Andy Lester
Perl Testing for Large Projects
Length: 40min
4-4:40 Geoff Avery
Lightning Talks
Length: 85min

4:50-5:30 (Continued) (Continued)
End of Day
Evening Activities5:30PM-7:00PM Tours of UB's Center for Computational Research

7:00PM-11:00PM YAPC Dinner and Auction at University Inn


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